With deepening of the reform and opening-up policy in recent years, the international communication and cooperation between LIRR and overseas has been increasingly developed, and the way of cooperation are diversified.

By the way of technical exchange, attending international conference, sending employ study and work aboard, inviting foreign expert to give lecture or make project, holding international workshop, and receiving foreign guests as well as visiting oversea clients on purpose, LIRR has made any possible chance to show worldwide his capability on refractories in China and build up a strong international friendship link which helps strengthening the understanding and promoting the cooperation both on technical know-how transfer and products export.

LIRR is open to the world. We receive refractory experts, scholars or traders each year from more than ten companies of different countries. And we also dispatch our experts aboard for conference, observation, study, service and business. We have been visited more than twenty counties, such as American, Japan, England, Germany, Denmark as well as others. In both ways, we have widely established a friend relationship with people or companies who is working on refractories and developed global collaborations.

To enhance friendship and to promote international exchanges and cooperation with developing countries, which remains to be an important policy, we have successfully organized three times the International Workshop on Technology and Development of Refractories respectively on 1994, 1996 and 2000, supported by the State Ministry of Science and Technology. 49 members from 14 developing countries have joined the Workshop, which provided the opportunity to LIRR to demonstrate its achievements on R&D projects and high-tech products on refractories, and made a good reflection on promoting technology transfer and products export. From the first Workshop, LIRR has successfully transferred the know-how on production of MgO-Al2O3-C bricks to an Indian company. Since then, some other high-tech products entered the world market.

With the reform of Science and technology organization system, LIRR has completely changed its system from a pure research institute to high-tech enterprise. And LIRR granted the certificate for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights in P.R. China in 1995 approved by the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Since then, LIRR has laid great attention on foreign trade and affairs, made a lot of efforts to introduce its high-tech products to the world. The export amount has been greatly increased after 8years hard working, it got USD5.6 million in 2001, and will reach 8million at the end of 2002. And the exported products have also been expanding from one or two products at the beginning to more than ten different products. The products have been sold to more than twenty countries, not only to the developing countries but also to some developed countries. Now the exportation has became one of LIRR's key products, and made a significant economic benefits and social benefits. 


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