Brief Introduction to National Engineering Research Center of Refractories

The center was initiated in 1996 and put into operation in 1998.The center consists of a comprehensive technical research department and two engineering validating systems one is the system for con-casting refractories and the other for quality refractory products. The products validated by the center are mainly used in the industries, such as metallurgy, building, petrochemistry, nonferrous and ceramics etc. With 9 professorship senior engineers, 120 senior engineers and 140 engineers, the center has trained or introduced 40 master students and doctorate students, which has formed a science and technology team integrating R & D, marketing and management into one. Equipped with some world advanced instruments and equipments such as ESM, fluorescent analyzer, complex thermal analyzer, thermal expansion analyzer, fully automatic mercury compression device and high speed mixing and granulating devices, the center has successfully obtained about 30 achievements in the development of a series products such as silicon carbide series products with silicon nitride bonding and sialon bonding, high purity chrome products, advanced cordierite-mullite kiln furniture, high performance porous plug, high purity corundum blocks, SEN with anti-alumina-clogging property and magnesia coatings for tundish, which are leading in domestic market and reached to advanced level in the world market. The center has been awarded 25 prizes issued separately by the state, ministry, provincial government and local city government, and holds 10 patents. The above achievements validated by the center have turned into industrialization, which have not only economically guaranteed the center its own development and support but also have contributed much to the acceleration and development of the whole refractories industry.

Main Achievements of the National Engineering Research Center of Refractories
Non-oxide refractory products
Series of developed Si3N4 bonded and Sialon bonded silicon carbide products produced with an annual production capacity of 3000t. 80% of them export to the developed countries in Europe and America. The quality of the products has reached the advanced international level.
High performance permeable bricks
Series of developed permeable bricks have been provided with merits of thermal shock resistance, penetration resistance to molten steel and slag, long service life, high blowing rate and safety. The physical and chemical properties as well as application results are much better than that of the bricks home made and achieved the same level or exceeded the level of the imported products. Annual production capacity of this kind of products is 30,000 sets and the center has established goods supply relationship with Anshan, Benxi, Tianjin, Shoudu and Wuhan Iron & Steel Companies.
High purity oxide products
The products include high purity corundum brick, high chrome refractory brick for coal slurry gasifier, chrome corundum refractory brick for coal black reaction furnace, high thermal shock resistance alumina bubble brick, Sialon bonded alumina bubble brick and sizing nozzle. These products have met the dire needs of metallurgical, building construction and chemical industries. They substitute the imported ones and their quality has reached the advanced international level.
The production line of high chrome brick and high density zirconia brick for alkali-free glass furnace will be set up. The products will satisfy the demands of furnaces for producing alkali-free glass fiber, optical wave-guide fiber cable and TV tube glass. They will replace the imported bricks. For pilot trial production of cordierite-mullite furniture products, 1.1 million Yuan investment has been put. This has laid a foundation for the development of top grade ceramic furnitures.
Series of functional refractories in new type for con-casting
Installations of testing, enlargement trial and engineering validating for long nozzle, submerged nozzle and integrated stopper has been established. The new kind products with the same technical level of the same kind imported from abroad have been developed and they have won many science and technology advancement awards issued by the ministry and the province.
Unshaped refractories
The achievement, which have kept ahead in the nation, of unshaped refractories include castable¡¢hot gunning mix and ramming mix for BF trough, magnesia coating for tundish, corundum castable, castable for LF refining furnace and magnesia-alumina spinel castable. This has promoted technical advancement in the field of refractory industry.


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