Functional Refractory Products for Metallurgy

Purging Plugs for Refining

Well Block and Mortar for Purging Plugs

Zirconia Based Metering Nozzles for Con-Casting

Shroud, Monolithic Stopper and SEN for Con-Casting

Monolithic Refractories

Monolithic Refractories for Blast Furnace

Monolithic Refractories for EAF

Monolithic Refractories for Ladle And Tundish

Monolithic Refractories for Petrochemical Industry

Shaped refractory products

Zircon Brick for Building Material Industry

Oxide Ceramic Products for Metallurgy

Silicon Carbide Products for Non-ferrous Metallurgy & Ceramic Industries

Silicon Carbide Brick & Sialon Bonded Corundum Brick for Blast Furnace

Corundum & Mullite Products for Petrochemical & Building Material Industries

Chrome Brick for Petrochemical, Ceramic & Building Material Industries
Insulating Refactories
Bubble Alumina & Zirconia Bricks for Petrochemical & Metallurgy Industries

Bulk Refractory Ceramic Fiber Insulating Materials for High Temperature Kilns & Devices

Insulating Refractories for Industrial Furnaces & High Temperature Devices
----Refractory Ceramic Fiber Felt, Blanket, Board & Modules
High Temperature Testing Tpparatus

High Temperature Testing Tpparatus



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